Auto Repair in Denver, CO.

Seasonal routine maintenance is necessary regardless of where you are. In most parts of Denver, folks encounter very cold temperatures and heavy snowfall throughout the winter season, followed by moisture and high-heat throughout the summertime. As such, periodic maintenance on particular elements of your vehicle are very important. If your automobile isn’t equipped to handle these seasonal changes, you may experience a critical driving situation when conditions are at their worst.

Auto tune up service in Denver, CO.

Don’t dismiss an oil leak. Sure, it may indicate critical engine failure but, more likely than not, it could also be an easy fix; diagnosis is vital. Even if the drip really does require an engine-out fix, we can usually find an inexpensive solution in the meantime by simply “snugging up” existing parts until you’re ready for a more involved repair. Do yourself a favor by regularly examining fluid levels.

Regarding engine problems: knowledge is power. Knocking could be caused by any number of issues, and as soon as we can figure out what they are and how critical they may be, we can also accurately judge how serious it would be to continue driving with the issue present. Failing to have it inspected could mean sudden engine failure, a high priced restoration or even a day at the junkyard.

In regard to cosmetic repairs, we could focus on that, too. Traveling around a beat-up car isn’t attractive, but certain types of body damage might additionally cause a security risk. Take torn upholstery. Torn seats don’t create a safety issue, and are more of an aesthetic issue. However, a torn seat belt ought to be replaced immediately. The same goes for paint jobs. This is at your discretion. If money is an issue, skip it, especially if the cost is more than half of your automobile’s current resale value .

Mechanic in Denver, CO.

Deciding on a technician shouldn’t be done without taking careful consideration. Some shops may try to hustle you and trick you into paying unnecessary labor costs or parts. Others, like us, will respect your priorities and pocketbook, seeking your total satisfaction. That’s because we want to develop a partnership based on trust and integrity, not an easy buck.

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