Brake repair in Denver

Having your vehicle taken in for a regular brake inspection is an essential part of general auto repair maintenance in Denver. It could reduce immediate and ongoing expenses during the life of your motor vehicle and defend you, presently, from an accident. Both your brake line and rotors need to be routinely inspected for wear and damage.

A basic brake service will vary from place to place; certain inspections, however, are core to any brake repair. To begin with, a mechanic will inspect your vehicle’s brake pads and brake shoes for signs and symptoms of wear. After that, the mechanic will examine brake fluid levels to determine if they need to be replaced or refilled. The disc brake rotors or brake drums and brake calipers are frequently checked at this time, too. In the event your car possesses an ABS system it will likewise be checked for correct functionality. We recommend having your brakes serviced in Denver at least once per year. If you notice an alteration in drive feel, brake noise or smell the scent of burning fluids, be sure to bring in your motor vehicle immediately for a brake check in Denver. Simply call ahead in order to schedule with one of our service writers at (303) 752-2422.

Brake repair shop in Denver

You can help us out, in between your annual brake inspections, by being conscious of how your car manages on a fine day so you can determine what conditions are like on a bad day. Obvious signs and symptoms of brake wear or dysfunction are usually observed in several places–for example, if a brake warning light is on. Maybe you discover lack of pressure upon hitting the brakes or, likewise, a “squishy” feel. This calls for urgent special attention and cannot be ignored. Furthermore, should you experience your brakes squealing you must pay attention before this noise progresses and becomes a grinding noise. This grinding noise is the sound of what’s likely irreparable damage to the rotors. You must never drive on damaged rotors. Furthermore, should your steering wheel drift, or pull, to one side or another when braking, or you notice that your tires are unusually hot to the touch from the friction created by the braking action, let us know. Smell burning fluids? This could be the consequence of a faulty master cylinder.

Brake mechanic in Denver

Even if you are an experienced at home mechanic, a brake repair or brake inspection is one task that you should leave to a brake mechanic in Denver. Import Sports Performance offers superb replacement parts and tries, tirelessly, to keep labor costs down, using OEM parts whenever available. Moreover, we won’t provide a substandard or low-cost component just to please an insurance provider. What’s crucial to remember is when you’re taking care of your brakes, your brakes will care for you.

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